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Curiosity – fuel for technological innovations (podcast)

In samenwerking met Ordina - Curiosity fuels technological innovations, getting them off the ground and up and running. In episode two of Ordina’s Chats of Change podcast, we talk about how essential curiosity is.

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People make the difference. That’s always been a fact, but it’s also (or especially…) true of an age brimming with digital technology. Ordina believes that businesses need changemakers to ensure that strategies and operating models incorporate rapid technological changes well.

In a conversation between Heleen Cocu (CHRO at Alliander) and Bart Haedens (Business Director at Ordina), you’ll hear how both agree that curiosity is a must for changemakers to thrive.

Boarding the bullet train

Haedens’ work with clients largely focuses on preparing and equipping organizations for a world in which technology evolves at lightning speed. “That means being alert all the time to market shifts. It’s about keeping an eye on technology but especially listening to customers, employees, and others. Agility is impossible without good listening skills.”

With that in mind, we can’t ignore the rapid rise of Large Language Models such as Chat GPT. Haedens describes it as “- a train hurtling down the tracks towards an unknown destination. And somehow, you’re supposed to leap on.”

Obviously, there are no magic recipes for success here. However, Haedens points out that continual adaptation of the operating model is part of the answer. It’s about small steps (sprints). But experimenting is also a must, along with creating space for failure, which is what makes it possible to widely share successful experiments.

An energy landscape in flux

At Alliander, Cocu is responsible for organizational change against the backdrop of a meaningful energy transition. Whereas Alliander used to primarily focus on stability and long-term grid investments, now – in an energy landscape in flux – agility, and experimentation are crucial skills. And supply security has to be meticulously kept track of. In a business traditionally dominated by tech heads, that’s no walk in the park. Cocu explains the challenges in exacting detail in this podcast episode.

Changemakers are essential in this kind of transformation. They’re at the heart of Ordina’s philosophy: changemakers facilitate change and unlock digital technology’s potential. Basically, Cocu sees potential for anyone to be a changemaker. “What matters is making a difference in other people’s lives: coworkers, customers, and other stakeholders.”

Back to ABC

Good changemakers are curious. And Cocu’s personal motto says it all. “Let’s get back to ABC – Always. Be. Curious.” And if someone asks how…she’s got a tip: “Make sure your teams are diverse. That way, you have to look at a problem from every angle. Plus, it gives you the dose of curiosity you need.”

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